Canon scales pipeline into the millions, whilst decreasing Cost per Opp by -44% in 6 months

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The Challenge

Canon, operating in a changing industry needed to improve their marketing performance and scale pipeline from demand gen. Effectiveness of existing activity was difficult to ascertain and resources were spread thinly over multiple markets. Canon needed a partner who could develop a focused demand gen strategy that would drive growth across multiple business units, product lines, markets and languages.

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The Solution

Ziggy built a demand gen programme that centralised budget and prioritised markets with the most intent to buy print solutions and had the strongest historical sales performance. The programme was localised in 5 different languages and aimed to grow pipeline across UKI, DE, ES, IT and NL.

Ziggy aimed to prove the concept of demand gen with a robust testing agenda, a rigorous forecast and an end-to-end revenue dashboard so we could gather quick insights and put them into action when we identified trends.

Activating a multi-channel, multi-language campaign of this nature required thorough planning to ensure delivery across numerous countries and languages. Testing content, creative and channels before expanding into new markets and languages helped us deliver growth efficiently, without wasting resources. Our scaling methodologies helped us meet our CAC goals, deliver a 3.1x ROAS and millions in net new pipeline all in 6 months.

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