Bloomreach increases ROAS by +100%, whilst increasing pipeline ARR by +131%

The Challenge

Bloomreach were competing in a highly competitive media market. Increased competition and the pressure to scale, led to the cost per opportunity increasing to uncomfortable levels. Pipeline was slow because leads often had low intent. We needed shift the central strategy to improve efficiency, but continue to scale pipeline and opportunity volume. We needed to activate regional specific campaigns to tackle regional nuances and build focused exposure in Europe.

“Knowing exactly what is driving revenue – from campaigns, ads to keywords – has helped us increase Pipeline by +131%, whilst increasing ROAS by +100%”

Billie Cronin, Bloomreach

Paid Media Channels

Google Ads Bing Ads Facebook + Clearbit Instagram Linkedin GDN Influ2

Regions Managed


The Solution

Ziggy worked with Bloomreach to bridge the data silos we faced across Salesforce, HubSpot and our media channels. After analysing results, we stopped driving low-intent MQLs and started delivering a high intent pipeline. We optimised high intent search campaigns with improved landing page experiences, building persona-specific and keyword-specific LPs, to help hit the pain points and increase conversions. In EMEA, we shifted away from the central strategy that drove low intent lead gen on LinkedIn, moving to 1-1 ABM. We expanded on this by launching a verticalised campaign journey – focusing only on verticals where the LTV was high and churn was low. These efforts combined, helped us half costs, increase pipe ARR by +131% and increase ROAS by over +100%.

Results at a glance
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Cost per Opportunity

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Increase in Pipeline ARR

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Increase in ROAS

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