Research and Intelligence is how category leaders are born.

We analyse customer data, gather competitor intelligence and conduct market research to build high-growth go-to-market strategies.

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“Ziggy is at the forefront of customer intelligence and insight. Many companies talk about using analytics to predict and mitigate churn but few (if any) actually achieve it. Ziggy is leading the way in strategising with our data to achieve a real profit driven impact.”

Will Hicklen, Chief Growth Officer at EasyWorkforce

Turn intelligence into action.

Most marketers miss out critical steps when planning their go-to-market and retention strategies. Whether you want to win new logos, expand or retain customers - our teams help you analyse your customer segments, gather competitor intelligence and conduct market research to turn intelligence into action.

GTM Diagnostic + Action Plan

Get clarity on your highest priority growth levers. We’ll audit the LTV:CAC of your product funnels, customer segments and marketing sources to ensure you are maximising revenue.

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Market Intelligence

Get qualitative research on your future customers. We run surveys into what they like, don’t like and why they buy...

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Competitive Intelligence

Stay on top of your biggest threats. Every quarter, get competitor insights into positioning, pricing changes, messaging and their online presence.

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