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We build bespoke data pipelines that automate your reporting, so you never lose sight of what's driving pipeline.

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Knowing exactly what is driving revenue - from campaigns, ads to keywords - has helped us reduce our cost per Opp by -65%, whilst increasing our ROAS by +366%.

Billie Cronin, Performance Marketing at Bloomreach

Stop spending hours in spreadsheets

B2B marketers who can’t measure the revenue impact of their marketing investment are doomed. It's left you trapped in a world of low-performing marketing tactics, siloed teams, misaligned targets and wasted spend. Using our proprietary data tools, we help marketers quickly extract real value from their data. So in less thanthree months, you can expect to see your pipeline grow and your CFO sing.

Increase your LTV:CAC

Transform your disconnected data into beautiful visual stories. Ziggy is how top tech brands grow revenue and reduce CAC with marketing intelligence.

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Integrate your demand gen forecast

Easily answer how you're performing to plan by integrating it into your dashboard. Learn which campaigns help you reach your revenue targets and which don't - giving you insights you action instantly.

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Increase retention

Understanding customer churn helps you refine product-market fit, shift your GTM strategy and increase retention.

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