Down rounds, mass layoffs, budget cuts, slower sales cycles and no urgency to buy right now.

Welcome to B2B SaaS in 2023.

The old days of growth at all costs are over.

Marketers have to rethink their strategy and stop:

❌ Scaling MQL volume regardless of intent

❌ Trying to reach your whole entire TAM

❌ Investing in programmes that don’t deliver revenue returns

Instead, the best marketers in the world are niching down on areas where they know they can win…

✅ Reverse engineer your funnel to learn who the top performing customer verticals are and how you acquired them

✅ Improve Net Revenue Retention through cross-sell programmes that grow revenue from the existing customer base.

✅ Redistribute your budget to maximise the performance of high LTV:CAC campaigns, at the expense of everything else.

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