Unlocking insight: learn which personas convert on specific keywords so you can create a personalised experience

In this video we will breakdown how we were able to identify which personas converted on certain keywords and how we used this to run message tests that improved performance across paid search.

Problem: Conversion rates were low in a highly competitive market. We suspected the messaging on our keyword specific landing pages wasn’t suited to the people who were converting.  We need to validate which personas were converting on certain keywords, so we could better write more personalised copy.

Analysis: We ran a cluster analysis to illustrate performance of specific campaigns/ keywords and how they perform by Job Title.

Outcome: We uncovered high correlation with specific job titles, which helped us experiment with different message themes to drive up the conversion rate.

Personalised messaging on keyword specific landing pages that targets the pains/ jobs to be done of specific personas will drive a conversion rate lift and improve the cost per opportunity.

Tutorials Cluster Analysis: How to correlate personas and keywords – and what to do next. hero image